Save & Remove Baseline

Saving a baseline differs from saving an additional Working version in that baseline data of a project can be displayed next to the corresponding current data to provide a side-by-side comparison between an older snapshot of the project’s values and the project’s current values. Also, baselines represent past versions of a project, while Working versions typically represent alternate future versions of a project and are used to perform “what if” analysis.

When a project baseline is saved in Sciforma, the planned schedule dates and resource assignment information is captured for each task in the project. Each resource assignment includes a period-by-period profile of units and costs. This resource profile provides a complete snapshot of the task at the point in time the baseline is captured. The baseline profile provides plan history so that project managers can accurately assess the impact of plan changes that occur as the project progresses. The baselined plan is approved by all the project stakeholders prior to the project execution phase and becomes the target plan for the project team to follow. Once a project is baselined it should not be re-baselined without gaining approval from the project stakeholders.

Sciforma supports the capture of 14 independent baselines in the project so that a history of significant project changes can be captured. Sciforma saves baselined schedule dates in the Baseline Start and Baseline Finish fields and resource units and costs in the Baseline Effort and Baseline Cost fields.


The Baseline 10 can be used for leveling operations. Therefore, the user should avoid using this baseline slot unless he/she does not use the automatic leveling feature.

Depending on the option selected for the Enable Built-In Baseline Commands setting (System Settings workspace, Project Settings folder, Global Options tab), different commands can be available:

  • Manage Baselines – Default Configuration tool for managing baselines

  • Save Baseline – Built-in Baseline tool (available for legacy purposes)