Activate & Deactivate

By default, new projects are created with an “Active” status. If for any reason the project manager decides to deactivate the project, he/she will be able to reactivate it using the Activate command at any time. A deactivated project will still be available in the data selector (diagonal red line on the version icon), so that the project manager can select it and reactivate it if need be.

Furthermore, Sciforma includes safety precautions with the capacity to purge projects from the Sciforma database system. As a primary precaution, only those projects with an “Inactive” status, meaning that they have been deactivated, can be purged from the database. This is to prevent the actual removal of a required project. Once a project is purged, the action is permanent. Therefore, a project’s removal should only be performed after consultation with project and/or resource managers or the department managers of the organizational area in which the project belongs.


The Activate command sets the project's Status as "Active".

Deactivate selected version

The Deactivate selected version command sets the project's Status to "Inactive" for the selected version. Only "Inactive" projects can be purged from the database.

Deactivate All Versions

Upon using this command, all the selected project(s)' Versions will be set as deactivated. This command can only be used for projects which are associated to a Portfolio Folder.

Why should a project manager deactivate a project?

A project manager can, for example, submit a Business Case to a portfolio manager and if the Business Case does not fit the corporate objectives, the project can be abandoned and the project manager can deactivate it. However, by reactivating it, he/she will be able to submit this Business Case again in the future.