Timesheets & Calendars

When you manage a project or a team with many different resources, timesheets and calendars are essential. They are useful for Project Managers, Resource Managers, and employees, as they provide an overview of workloads and absences, and allow better project monitoring.

In this theme, you will learn:

  • As a Team Member, how to enter and submit hours worked on a project and how to request absences.

  • As a Resource Manager, how to approve or reject absences requested by Team Members.

  • As a Project Manager, how to track hours spent on projects.

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In a perfect world, everything should remain static and the project schedule should never change. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect. The schedule, resource requirements, and costs will change...

Calendar Requests

Time away from a project can affect a project’s schedule. Anticipating time away and arranging for the absence in advance provides the Project Manager with the capability to institute contingency...