Work Packages dialog box

Budget sub-tab

The Budget sub-tab allows the user to review the budget of the work packages attached to the selected project.


This histogram displays the Work Package Budget and Total Cost over time.


The spreadsheet allows the user to view, for each Work Package, the Direct and Indirect Budgets, as well as the Total Cost. The Budget information is displayed differently depending on its origin:

  • From Direct Budget – Indicates the Cost Center(s) from a selected project’s Direct Budget.

  • From Indirect Budget – Indicates the name of the selected project Source object from which the delegated Indirect Budget comes from.

Colored indicators are also provided to highlight the shift between the budget and the corresponding cost values. The user can access the legend of the colored indicators by clicking on the View Legend button located in the lower part of the dialog box.


Colored indicators are defined by the Administrator in the System Settings workspace, General Settings folder, Colored Indicators tab, Cost Preferences.

Costs sub-tab

The Costs tab allows the user to review the cost of the work packages belonging to the selected project.

When the Cost Centers display option is deactivated, the spreadsheet provides the following information for each work package: Work Package Name and the time-distributed Total Cost, Budget, Actual Cost, and Remaining Cost.

The following display options are available:

Show Last Snapshot

Displays a new row, allowing the user to compare the last captured Cost values with the current values.


Cost Centers

Breaks the Actual and Remaining Cost by Cost Centers. In addition, upon clicking on the Scroll Into View (scrollintoview_monochrome22_md.png) button for a given Cost Center, the view displays the first time period where the Cost value is other than null.



Displays a histogram above the spreadsheet, allowing the user to review the Project Cost and the Work Package Cost over time, as compared with the last Project and Work Package snapshots.