Manage Baselines dialog box

The Manage Baseline dialog box is usually displayed upon clicking on the Manage Baseline (BaselineSave) button.


Save section

The upper part of the dialog box allows the user to save a new Baseline.


The user can choose the following options:


Allows the user to choose which Baseline to save (1 to 14).


Allows the user to replace the default Baseline Name.


Allows the user to choose whether he/she wants to save the Baseline values for the whole project or only the selected Tasks.

Note: The Scope option is only displayed if the user previously selected one or several tasks in the Gantt chart.

Once these options have been set up, the user can click on the Save Baseline button. Once saved, the Baseline is added to the list in the form of a card.


The number of baselines that can be saved (up to 14) depends on the Baseline options selected by the Administrator in the System Settings workspace, Project Settings folder, Global Options tab, Baseline Settings sub-tab.

When there are no more empty Baseline slots (the 14 baselines have been saved), the Save section disappears. The user can click on the Capture (Snapshot) button of a Baseline card to overwrite an existing Baseline.

Baseline card


Each saved baseline is represented by a card, which displays the following information: Baseline Number, Baseline Name, Baseline Saved Date, Baseline Start, and Baseline Finish. It also indicates the User who captured the Baseline and features a description (if any).

The Baseline number is displayed in grey, except for the Current Baseline, which is displayed in blue. Upon clicking on a grey Baseline Number, the corresponding baseline becomes the Current Baseline.

Moreover, the following tools are available:



Allows the user to overwrite an existing Baseline.

Note: When the user previously selected one or several tasks in the Gantt chart, the Capture button provides two options: Capture on Selected Project or Capture on Selected Task(s).



Opens a spreadsheet listing the project’s task, allowing the user to compare the current and the baseline values (Start, Finish, Effort, and Cost).

Note: Some colored indicators highlight the differences between the current and Baseline values.



Provides access to the following commands:

  • Edit – Opens the Edit Baseline Definition popup, allowing the user to change the Baseline Title and to enter a Comment.

  • Remove – Allows the user to delete the existing Baseline. If some tasks were previously selected, the user will have the opportunity to choose whether to delete the Baseline for the whole project, or only for the selected Tasks.