The value in this field is interrelated with the Start and Duration fields--changes to either of these fields automatically changes the Finish date.

By default, Sciforma displays the date only and does not include the time. The Administrator can change this behavior. When specifying the time is possible, when not entering a specific time, Sciforma uses the default time of 12:00 AM.


If the effective calendar indicates that the specified date and time are not within working hours, Sciforma changes the date and time you specify to the end of the previous day's working hours.

For example, if the effective calendar specifies an 8 AM to 5 PM work range on Monday through Friday, and you specify a date (only) of “01/16/2015” (a Monday), Sciforma assumes a default time of 12:00 AM (usually a non-working time) and then substitutes “01/13/2015” because this is the end of the previous working day (a Friday).