Save Baseline dialog box

When the Enable Built-In Baseline Commands option has been activated by the Administrator (System Settings workspace, Project Settings folder, Global Options tab), a Gear (GearOther) button is available in the upper right corner of the Manage Baselines dialog box, providing access to the two built-in commands (for legacy purposes):

  • Built-in Save Baseline – Displays the built-in Save Baselines dialog box, allowing the user to choose which Baseline should be saved and to select the corresponding options.

  • Built-in Remove Baseline – Displays the built-in Remove Baselines dialog box, allowing the user to select which Baselines should be removed.

The Save Baseline and Remove Baseline commands:

Use the same Command Lists to facilitate the overwriting of the Baseline mechanisms.

Include the Transactions in the process with the Amount to be copied into the corresponding Baseline field.


Transaction Baseline Cost still needs to be added manually, through the Overwrites, to the Project/Task Baseline Cost when relevant. Please contact your administrator in order to do so.