Lock & Unlock

The user has the ability to Lock the project so that other users cannot modify the project while he/she is working on it.

This is useful for situations in which the user would like to make more extensive changes to projects without having any other user(s) interfering with them, at least until the user is done with the modifications. After the user has finished making the changes, he/she should use the Unlock command to enable other users to modify the data.

The Lock and Unlock commands are usually displayed in the main toolbar as follows:



Indicates that the project is unlocked. Upon clicking on it, the project is locked.



Indicates that the project is locked. Upon clicking on it, the project is unlocked.


When a given project is locked, all of the following are also locked: Task, Task Step, Task Link, Transaction, Resource Request, Resource Commitment, Labor Assignment, Cost Item Assignment, and all the Data Views with one of the following parent categories: Project, Task, Cost Item Assignment, Labor Assignment, Task Step, and Transaction.

The Lock and Unlock commands are available only if the following conditions are met:

  • Lock – The selected Project is not locked yet by anyone, nor is it published or deactivated.

  • Unlock – The selected Project is locked by the logged-in user.


The extended lock is maintained across multiple browsers and devices. For example, if a project manager locks projects or work packages on a desktop and then wants to continue editing on a tablet, the lock is still in place when he/she starts the tablet session.