Forecast dialog box

The Forecast dialog box allows the user to manage the cost forecast of his/her project. The following sub-tabs are provided: Labor, Cost Items, and Transactions.

Each sub-tab allows the user to initially define the Pivot value when the view is still empty.


When selecting a Pivot value for the first time, the following popup will be displayed, prompting the user to create the first Forecast.


Once some values are entered in the spreadsheet, a white pen (EditPenGrey.png) icon will be displayed next to the Pivot name, allowing the user to bring up the Pivot Selection popup to select a new pivot.


When changing an existing Pivot, the current Forecast values will be deleted. Selecting the previous pivot will not restore the entered values.

Display Options

The Forecast dialog box provides the following display options:

Show Total Cost

Adds the corresponding Total Costs rows to the spreadsheets (either Total Labor Cost, Total Cost Items Cost, or Total Transaction Cost).

Colored indicators are provided to highlight the % shift between the Forecast and the Cost values.


Cost Centers

Breaks the spreadsheets down by Cost Centers. This option is most relevant when the selected Pivot is other than "Cost Center".


The Labor, Cost Items, and Transactions sub-tabs provide the following tools:



Allows the user to add a new forecast row in the spreadsheet. He/she can then fill it in with the corresponding attributes (depending on the pivot) and Cost Center, and then enter the time distributed Forecast values.



Allows the user to delete the selected Forecast row(s). This command is only available if at least one Forecast row is selected (i.e., the corresponding checkbox is ticked).


Import from Template

Allows the users to automatically import a Forecast Template. This command is only available if a Forecast Template has been created by the Administrator for the Transaction Forecast category, with the selected Pivot.


Update from Total Cost

Updates the spreadsheet with the project’s Total Cost values (only for costs that have been associated with a Cost Center).


Scroll Into View

Modifies the time period so that the first date when the Forecast value is other than null is displayed.

Upon using the Update from Total Cost (update_budget_v2_22_md.png) command, the user will be prompted to set up the following options:

  • Time period – Allows the user to choose the timeframe to take into account when importing the Total Cost values (“All Period”, “From Today”, and “Custom”).

  • Clear Existing Forecast Lines – Upon activating this switch button, the Cost Centers that belong to the spreadsheet but do not appear in the project’s Total Cost or Forecast will be removed.

  • Create Missing Forecast Lines – Upon activating this switch button, Cost Centers that do not belong to the spreadsheet but appear in the project’s Total Cost or Forecast will be imported, creating new project Cost Center rows.


Using these commands will overwrite the entered values.

Key Facts section

The Key Facts section provides the following information: Total Cost (or Adjusted Total Cost), Forecast Cost, and Budget.