Project Team

A project team is a team whose members usually belong to different groups, have different functions, and are assigned by the project manager to activities for the same project. A team can be divided into sub-teams according to need. Usually, project teams are only used for a defined period of time. They are disbanded after the project is completed.

The structure and characteristics of a project team usually vary, but the project manager’s role as the leader of the team remains constant.

Every team, regardless of the project type, size, and nature, has three "conventional" roles:

  • A Project Team Leader – Is a person who provides leadership and guidance to the team and takes responsibility for the results of teamwork. The team leader role involves the development and encouragement of the team through training, leading, motivation, recognition, rewarding, and other activities that stimulate or force team members to do the required tasks.

  • Project Team Members – Are people who are actually involved in doing assigned tasks. Team members directly access the project and actively evolve its processes. They’re subordinated to the Team Leader.

  • Project Team Contributors – Help improve the project through giving valued suggestions, expert judgment, and consultation. They aren’t responsible for the project results. Often project team contributors have an interest or concern in the project, so they facilitate successful completion.


In Sciforma, in order for a resource to be assigned to a project, he/she must be part of the Project team.

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