Project Savings

During project execution, Project Managers need to take into account potential and confirmed incomes or revenues.

In Sciforma, the following revenues can be managed:

  • Project Savings which allow the user to identify the potential revenues of the project and, therefore, enable the monitoring of the KPI.

    The Current Savings values will impact the calculation of the following Key Performance Indicators (which can be used for Business Cases Rankings, for instance): Net Present Value (NPV), Payback, Return on Investment (ROI), and Savings.

  • Total Revenues which are broken down into the following categories:

    • Labor Revenues – Calculated through the Task Billing feature.

    • Other Revenues – Calculated through the Billable Saving Transactions (both at the Task and Project levels).


    For further information regarding Total Revenues, please refer to the Billing topic.

  • Transaction Savings (from non-billable Saving Transactions, both at the Task and Project levels).

  • Benefits which are calculated through the Benefits feature.


    For further information regarding Benefits, please refer to the Benefits Realization topic.

Therefore, the Savings of a project is calculated as follows:

Savings = Total Revenues + Project Savings + (non-billable) Transaction Savings + Benefits

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