How to review the Project Costs

  1. Log in to the HTML5 client.

  2. Select the Finance workspace.

  3. Select a Project in the Project Data Selector.

  4. Click on the DETAILS button available in the Costs tile to open the Dashboards view.

  5. Select the Costs tab which provides a different display depending on whether or not the Cost Centers (CostGrey) display option is activated.

    1. Cost Centers Off – The spreadsheet will provide a view whereby the user can easily compare the Budget with the Project Cost and the Forecast Cost.


      Project Cost = Resource Assignments Cost + Cost Item Assignments Cost + Cost Transactions

      For further information, please refer to the Resources Scheduling, Cost Items, and Cost Transactions topics.

      Project Forecast Cost = Labor Forecast + Cost Item Forecast + Transaction Forecast

      For further information, please refer to the Forecast topic.

    2. Cost Centers On – The spreadsheet will be broken down by Cost Centers.

  6. Select the Budget tab to review at a glance the potential shifts between the project's Budget and Cost values.