Gantt Sharing

Presenting information shouldn’t be bothersome for either the presenter or the audience. Focusing on key, easy-to-read information is the best way to catch an audience’s attention and to convey the relevant message.

The Gantt chart, when the relevant filters and display options are accessed, can become a powerful presentation tool that provides only what a specific audience (e.g.,  team members, sponsors, customers, and stakeholders) needs to know, and only that.

Sharing the Gantt chart can prove to be a very efficient way to keep your audience focused during weekly and/or executive committee meetings or the kickoff presentation for your customers. The chart can also be a nice addition to a specifications document or a status report.

The Sciforma Gantt Theater mode can be used for presentations (thanks to its full screen view) and can be generated as a perfectly filtered image (thanks to Sciforma’s powerful printing tool). It removes all the toolbars, window borders, top menus, and unnecessary information from the view so that only the information you want to present is displayed.

When in Theater mode, the user can still interact with the Gantt chart by drilling down to a specific Task for a detailed review.

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