How to define a new Project

When the user wants to create a new project (regardless of its Nature), a series of popups guide him/her through the project definition process.

The Project Definition process is divided into two phases:

  • Creation Mode Selection – Allows the user to choose how to create the new project.

  • Project Definition (optional) – Allows the user to set up directly the main information regarding the project.


Please note that creating a project can be done by directly clicking on the New Project (createNewIcon_newProject_active64_md.png) button in the relevant workspaces. Additionally, a project can be created as the result of a workflow action (for instance, upon approving an Idea, the user can directly create a project).

  1. Log in to the HTML5 client.

  2. Select the Home Page or Work workspace.

  3. In the Main toolbar, click on the New (NewProject) button.

  4. Enter or select the needed information in the Create New popup.

  5. Enter or select the needed information in the Project Definition popup.

  6. The new project is displayed in the Project Data Selector.


If the project uses the Agile approach, select the Agile tab instead of the Gantt tab.