Cost Transactions

Transactions are used to estimate and schedule the funds required for a project. Deriving these estimates, in and of itself, is different from planning the usage of resources and cost items.

For example, when a resource working full time is assigned to a four-day task (Monday to Thursday), the resource usage is four days. The cost generated by the resource's usage can be obtained by multiplying the four days of work by the daily cost rate of the resource. However, the real cost for the company is different from the resource's usage. The company must account and pay for the resource's salary whether or not the resource is assigned to tasks. Therefore, the resource will be paid for five working days even if only four of the days worked were related to an assignment.

Expenses in Sciforma can be represented using Transactions. Project Managers can create transactions for a project or tasks; they can also specify the date of occurrence and the amount of an expense. Managers can also include additional details about a transaction—for example, the name of a related account or cost center. The date of occurrence can optionally be based on formulas relative to the task or project. If the related project or task shifts, the transactions will shift accordingly.


Transactions are independent from assignments. Assignments represent resource usage, while transactions represent the real cost of those resources.

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