Managing projects often involves managing project information, including information stored in documents. It is crucial for organizations to be able to store and retrieve all information related to their projects, receive approval, maintain a history of document versions, and search for information within documents based on user-defined criteria.

Sciforma provides a capability to incorporate standard physical documents and associate them to a specific object. Documents can be of any type (e.g., spreadsheets, text documents, images, etc.) and are saved in the Sciforma database. Thus, a document is an object that has associated fields and for which forms, types, and workflows may optionally be created. The latest version of a document is stored in the Sciforma database. When a user wishes to modify the document, the user must check out the document, and then after completing the modifications, the user must check in the document in order to save the document with these modifications back to the Sciforma database.


In Sciforma, Documents can be managed:

  • At the Project level

  • At the Work Package level

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