Insert Template

Templates allow the user to insert a typical project pattern containing a set of Tasks (including Milestones) rather than manually entering the Tasks one by one. In doing so, the initial planning phase of the project is facilitated. A template can be used for an entire project or a phase of a new project.

After selecting the Insert Template command, the Projects list will be displayed, enabling users to select an existing Template. Once the Template is selected, the user will be prompted with the Insert Template Options popup, in which he/she can choose if the Template Generic Resources, Actions, Deliverables, Risks, Agile objects, and Tags are to be inserted too.

The user can also define whether the setup options defined at the Template level should be also imported. They will be available in the Project Administration dialog box, Setup folder.


The Insert Template Options popup will only be available if the “Skip Template Options” setting has been deactivated by the Administrator in the System Settings workspace, Project Settings folder, Global Options tab, Miscellaneous sub-tab.

In addition to the selected objects and WBS structure, Templates can contain Task-related objects, such as assignments (soft and hard), Cost Items, Links, Transactions, etc.