How to define Task relationships


If your Schedule Mode is "Critical Chain", do not forget to select the Planning Mode. The Switch to Tracking Mode (alarm22_md.png) button must be displayed in the Main toolbar.

  1. Log in to the HTML5 client.

  2. Select the Work workspace, Gantt tab.

  3. Select a project in the Project Data Selector.

  4. Select the Scheduler (viewmode_activegantt22_md.png) mode.

In the Gantt chart

  1. Place the cursor anywhere on the Gantt bar of the predecessor task. Hold the left mouse (GanttCreateLink.png) button down and drag to the successor task’s row.

  2. Release the mouse pointer.

  3. When creating a new task relationship, Sciforma creates a Finish-Start relationship with zero lead or lag. To modify the link’s type, delete it, or add a lead or a lag, click on the link to display the Task Link dialog box.

In the Task Details dialog box

  1. In the Gantt Spreadsheet, click on the Gear (GearGantt) icon of the task you want to link, and select the Edit Task Details command.

  2. In the Task Details dialog box, select the Definition folder, Predecessors and Successors sections.

  3. Select the name of the predecessors and successors in the pick list of the Predecessor and Successor Name fields.

  4. Modify the Logic and add a Lead or a Lag if necessary.

  5. Close the Task Details dialog box.

Using the Links command

  1. Select two tasks in the Gantt spreadsheet and click on the Links (LinkGrey) button available in the Gantt toolbar.

  2. Select the Chain Link command to link the selected tasks in Finish-Start relationships, in the order in which the tasks appear in the task list.


  1. Click on the Links (LinkGrey) button available in the Gantt toolbar, and select the Multiple Links command.

  2. A dialog box is displayed where you can easily add multiple successors or predecessors to the selected task(s) in Finish-Start relationships.