Define Critical Chain

When possible, Sciforma considers task and resource dependencies when calculating the Critical Chain. Therefore when calculating the Critical Chain, resource contention will also be resolved.

When selecting the Define Critical Chain command, the following Resolve Resource Contention dialog box will be displayed:


Prior to leveling

If the Save baseline 10 before leveling checkbox is turned on (checked), Sciforma saves Baseline 10 data before leveling, allowing Project Managers to view the impact that automatic resource leveling has had on their projects by comparing the newly-leveled project with the project’s baseline 10.

Resources leveled

This option enables users to specify whether all resources are leveled or only a filtered set of resources is leveled.


Time scale

This setting allows users to choose the minimum time scale for automatic resource leveling.

Use scaled availabilities

This option is useful when it comes to minimizing the consequences of the leveling process. For instance, it could be detrimental to delay an entire task if there is only a very small amount of resource over-allocation.

Honor calendar gaps

When activated, Sciforma honors periods of non-work defined in the assignment calendar for each assignment when determining where to move over-allocated tasks. When using this feature, the Time scale setting, above, determines how big the gaps must be before being applied to over-allocated tasks (in addition to the time scale setting’s normal function of specifying the minimum time increments to use when leveling resources).