Labor Assignment dialog box

The purpose of the Labor Assignment dialog box is to enable users to review and edit the allocation of the resource assignment.


The Labor Assignment dialog box header provides the following attributes:


Indicates the Task on which the labor assignment has been made.


Indicates the Start and Finish dates of the assignment, as well as its Duration.

Name & ID

Indicates the nominative resource Name and ID.

Upon clicking on the Assign (EditPenGrey.png) button, the user can directly select a resource from the Project Team to assign.

Generic Resource

Indicates the generic resource's name.

Upon clicking on the Assign (EditPenGrey.png) button, the user can directly select a Generic Resource to assign.

In addition, upon clicking on the More (MoreVertical) button, the following commands can be displayed depending on the context:


Opens the Fulfill Resource dialog box, allowing the user to turn the soft assignment into a nominative resource assignment.


Opens the Replace Resource dialog box, allowing the user to replace a nominative resource by another.


Allows the user to delete the corresponding assignment.

View Legend

Opens the Legend popup, allowing the user to review the legend for the colored indicators available in the Time Distribution section spreadsheet.


In the upper section of the dialog box, users will find the following identification fields: OrganizationJob Classification, Skills, Rate, Calendar, and Cost Center.

Cost/Effort section

The Effort/Cost section shows the following attributes: Total Effort, Actual Effort, Remaining Effort, Baseline Effort, Total Cost, Actual Cost, Remaining Cost, and Baseline Cost.

Tracking section

The Tracking section provides the following attributes: Scheduled Start, Scheduled Finish, Remaining Delay, and Closed.

Time Distribution section

The Time Distribution section displays the Usable Effort, Actual Effort, and the Remaining Effort distributed depending on the time period and intervals selected in the Time Navigation toolbar.

The user can also edit the following fields: Distribution Type and Allow Non-uniform.


Upon clicking on the Scroll into View (scrollintoview_monochrome22_md.png) button, the spreadsheet displays the time period containing the first date with an effort > 0 for the assignment.

The user can also use the Cost / Effort (Layers) display option to choose the kind of values to be displayed in the spreadsheet.

Colored indicators are provided to highlight the % shift between the resource Total Effort and Usable Effort. The user can access the legend of the colored indicators by clicking on the More (MoreVertical) button located in the top right corner of the dialog box and selecting the View Legend option.


Colored Indicators are defined by the Administrator in the System Settings workspace, General Settings folder, Colored Indicators tab, Resource Utilization Preferences.