How to fulfill Soft Assignments

When finalizing the planning of a project, project managers should fulfill any soft assignments with hard assignments as well as create additional hard assignments. Fulfilling soft assignments will then allow users or project managers to accurately track actuals to resources assigned to the tasks in the project.


If your Schedule Mode is "Critical Chain", do not forget to select the Planning Mode. The Switch to Tracking Mode (alarm22_md.png) button must be displayed in the Main toolbar.

  1. Log in to the HTML5 client.

  2. Select the Work workspace, Gantt tab.

  3. Select a project in the Project Data Selector.

  4. Select a task in the Gantt spreadsheet to display the Task panel.

  5. Select the Assignments tab (viewmode_activeresourceutilization22_md.png).

  6. In the Soft Assignment card, click on the More (MoreVertical) button, and select the Fulfill command to open the Fulfill Soft Assignment dialog box.

  7. Fulfill the Soft Assignment as desired.