Assign Resources dialog box

The Assign Resources dialog box has been designed to identify Resources that are a good fit for the project assignments.

Task Information Header

The upper section of the dialog box provides the following information that enables the user to understand the context of the assignment: Project Name, Task Name, Task Start and Finish dates, Duration of the task, and % completion of the task.


Assignments spreadsheet

The Assignments spreadsheet allows the user to review both current assignments (Already Assigned section) and the ones he/she is about to make (New Assignments section).


For each assignment, the following information is displayed: Resource Name, Rate, Total Effort, and time-distributed Effort.

In addition, the following commands can be displayed:



Allows the user to remove the assignment from the New Assignments section.



Indicates that only uniform assignment is allowed. Upon clicking on this icon, the assignment allows non-uniform assignment.

Non Uniform

Non Uniform

Indicates that non-uniform assignment is allowed. Upon clicking on it, the assignment only allows uniform assignment.



Allows the user to open the Labor Assignment dialog box. This button is only available in the New Assignments section.



Provides access to the following commands:

  • Edit Details – Opens the corresponding Labor Assignment dialog box.

  • Delete – Allows the user to delete the corresponding assignment.

Upon activating the Show Remaining Usable Effort (ShowHide) display option, an additional row is displayed for each resource, indicating the time-distributed Remaining Usable Effort.

Available Resources section

Depending on the context, the list of resources available for selection will display either the resources belonging to the Project Team, or the Resources belonging to the selected Organization.


The following options are available to manage the display of the assignable resources list:



Opens the Filters popup, which provides the following filtering options:

  • Organizations – Allows the user to only display resources belonging to the selected Organization.

  • Job Classifications – Allows the user to only display resources whose Job Classification has been selected.

  • Skills – Allows the user to only display resources whose Skills have been selected.

  • Show Inactive Resources – Allows the user to filter the view to only display resources whose Status is “Inactive”.

  • Team Origin – Allows the user to only display resources with the selected Team Origin (i.e., Dedicated, Allocated, Committed, or Manual).

  • Generic Resources – Allows the user to only display resources whose attributes correspond to the ones of the selected Generic Resource (if any).



Allows the user to find a specific resource name in the list.


Sort By

Allows the user to sort the resource list by Utilization (ascending order) or by Name (alphabetical order).

For each resource, the time-distributed Remaining Usable Effort is displayed.

Indicators are provided to highlight the resource's capacity:



The % Used is equal to zero.



The % Used is greater than 0% and less than 100%, meaning the Total Effort is greater than zero but less than the resource’s Available Effort.



The % Used is greater than 100%, meaning the resource would be over-allocated if all commitments were to become actual assignments.


The available effort is equal to zero.

The following commands are available to manage the assignable resources:



Adds the resource to the New Assignments section of the Assignments spreadsheet.



Opens the corresponding Resource Brief dialog box.

Manage Project Team

Opens the Project Administration dialog box, Team folder.