Evaluation Trend dialog box

The Evaluation Trend dialog box is displayed upon clicking on the Evaluation Snapshot (Snapshot) button when in the project Home Page workplace, Evaluation tab, or by clicking on the Evaluation Snapshot command available in an Idea Details view.

This dialog box allows users to keep track of the evolution of the score and the descriptions of an Idea or a project.

It features for a given Idea or project:

  • An Evaluation Trend chart, displaying the evolution of the score for each snapshot.

  • An Evolution History spreadsheet, listing all the snapshots.


The score is calculated upon entering scoring values in the Home Page workspace, Evaluation tab.


Each line in the spreadsheet corresponds to a snapshot, displaying the following information: the date on which the snapshot was made, the User who created the snapshot, and the Score.

The snapshots can be made in two different ways:

  • Manually – The history log is created when clicking on the Snapshot (Snapshot) command available in the spreadsheet toolbar.

  • Automatically – The history log is created upon the Workflow State Vote modification.


Automatic snapshots are only available if the Administrator has activated the Enable Idea Snapshot upon Changing State option in the System Settings workspace, Project Settings folder, Workflow Options tab.

Clicking on the Details (DetailsReview) button for a given history log opens the corresponding Evaluation History Details read-only dialog box providing the Idea or project Name, User, Date of the snapshot, and Score, as well as two sub-tabs: Descriptions and Scoring.