Agile Workflows

By default, the Agile objects Workflows in Sciforma are the following:

Agile Object

Workflow States

Backlog Items








By default, the Default Permissions (Users allowed to read or write the object) and the Default Responsibles (Users responsible for moving an object from one state to another) are set to all users at the Workflow level.

Agile default Workflow Actions rules

Workflow Actions rules have been associated to the various Agile workflows for a better user experience.

Here are the Agile default Workflow Actions rules:

  • Upon changing the Workflow State of the Backlog Item to “Completed”, the Backlog Item Completed Date will be automatically filled in.

  • Upon changing the Workflow State of the Backlog Item from “Completed” to “In-Progress”, the Accepted field will be reset to no.

  • A confirmation will be requested when completing a Task Backlog Item with a Remaining Effort which is not null.

  • The Iteration the Backlog Item belongs to must be started for the Backlog Item to be started (In-Progress).

  • The workflow prevents two Iterations attached to the same Team (or with no Team) from being started at the same time.

  • When withdrawing a Backlog Item from an Iteration, its Workflow State will be automatically reset to “New”.

  • Upon starting an Iteration, the Baseline Points are automatically saved.


Workflow Actions rules are defined by the Administrator in the Designer.