Backlog Item Types can be used to classify and/or tag Backlog Items. The default Types, for instance, can be used as follows:

  • Story (User Story) – Represents a customer submitted feature request. This request often contains background information on the ultimate goal the feature would realize and the capability it would provide.

  • Defect – Represents an internal corrective request (a request encountered during the tests, for instance).

  • Task – Represents a task to be performed by a Team Member that does not require customer validation.

  • Issue – Represents a customer submitted corrective request.


Because the Administrator can deactivate the “Allow Story Points Estimates for Task Backlog Items” option (System Settings workspace, Agile Settings folder, Global Options tab), Task Backlog Items can be used as a subset of other Backlog Items without impacting the Total Story Points.

Each default Type comes with a different color displayed at the top of the cards to facilitate visual differentiation.


The Administrator can define Custom Types by overwriting the corresponding field. In such cases, the Backlog Item card will be displayed in grey.