How to create a Backlog Item checklist

  1. Log in to the HTML5 client.

  2. Select the Work workspace, Agile tab.

  3. Select a project in the Project Data Selector.

  4. Open the Iteration Details full screen view by clicking on the Iteration Name displayed in the Timeline section.

  5. Select the Overview tab.

  6. Click on the Backlog Item Name available in the Backlog Item card.

  7. In the Backlog Item dialog box, click on the Checklist button to activate the Checklist section.

  8. In the Checklist section, click on the New (NewProject) button.

  9. Enter a Name for the item. The Completion Date is automatically filled in when an element is checked by the user.

  10. If needed, items can be converted into Backlog items by clicking on the More (MoreVertical) button and selecting the Convert command. The converted item will be a Backlog Item of Task Type.

    A Connection will be created automatically between the selected Backlog Item and the newly created one. The item that has been converted will be deleted from the Checklist section and will be displayed in the Connections section.