Alignment Level

The Alignment level field allows the user to indicate how much a project or an idea is aligned with the Objective to which it contributes.

In combination with the Objective’s Final Weight, the Alignment level contributes to the calculation of the Strategic Alignment Score.

Entering the Alignment value is possible when the corresponding Strategy Alignment options have been activated in the Strategy Definition dialog box (accessible from the Strategy workspace).


Objectives that have been marked as “Archived” are no longer displayed by default in the Objective views (except for the Objectives workspace data selector).

Once an Objective is Archived, it will no longer be possible to attach this Objective to a Project, Portfolio Folder, or Idea.

Objective Health Indicator

The Objective Health indicator is available when using the tracking feature and illustrates the shift between the KPI Current and Target values. In other words, this indicator aims at representing how well the Objective is doing with respect to reaching the Target set for its completion.


The Objective Start and Finish dates must be defined for the Objective Health indicator to be calculated.

The formula (( Expected Target - Current ) / Target) is based on the Expected Target as of the beginning of the month, which means that the Objective Health indicator is only relevant when the Start Date falls one month before the current month.

The indicator can be one of the following:






Must Improve



Not Good


The Objective Health indicator's colors are defined by the Administrator in the System Settings workspace, General Settings folder, Colored Indicators tab, Objective Health Preferences.

Objective Weight

The Objective Weight indicates how important a given Objective is to the overall company strategy.

The Objective Weight is entered directly in the Objective dialog box using the corresponding pick-list. 

Based on this value, the Final Weight value is calculated as the average value of the weights of the Objective’s tree branch, with all the parents of the Objective taken into account. This Final Weight is the one displayed in the Objective cards (among other places) and is the value taken into account when calculating the Strategic Alignment Score.

The Weight value is color-coded as follows:


Strategic Alignment Score

The Strategic Alignment Score represents how much the Project, Portfolio Folder, or Idea contributes to the overall company Strategy with respect to its contribution to a given Objective.

It is calculated by combining the object’s Alignment Level and the Objective’s Final Weight.